Time PMS-600 Guard Tour System


A handheld device carried by security guard (we call patrol reader /stick ) to scan tags attendance basis instead of oral statement or traditional paper&pen record . Adopt electronic RFID technology ,device can record time, date, tag ID automatically . Of course, it’s much more than these, with smart management software , each tag can be named with their own name .

Users can make a regular or irregular plan schedule to manage guards touring time and toensure safety without time delay and negligence .

Supervisor onlyneed to take the handheld device to computer room to get all data collected anddownload to computer, software will deal with these data intelligently.At the same time , all result will show you obviously .


  • Pogo Pin connector ,prevent water get into and vandalism. More durable than traditional USB port.
  • Read 125kHz EM ID card tags proximity. Free from pressing any button, auto-induction.
  • 2 pcs standby rechargeable battery. Ensure normal work after battery out of power.
  • USB cable downloading, easy operation.
  • Exclusive software and SDK available , more convenient for your scientific management.
  • Light weight, easy to carry

How to use

  1. Take the PMS-600 guard tour patrol system, and scan your ID card to login as the current user.
  2. Along the regulated patrol route; use the device to read the spot card by approaching to the spot card. The check time and spot card ID will be stored into the device.
  3. Then you can download the data from the device with USB cable. The patrol system software can deal with the data and display or print the result of the report.

Technical information:

Read method RFID Auto- induction card reading
Storage Capacity 7200 PCS
Dimension 140mm*Φ29mm
Net Weight 100g
Read response <0.1S
Read distance ≤ 3cm
Direction LED+ Vibration
Working temperature -20°C to 70°C
Working humidity 30% to 95%
Working frequency 125KHZ
Battery 3.6V chargeable lithium battery
Power consumption 30mA
Communication USB cable or Pogo pin connector
Communication baud rate 19200Bps
Standardized Accessory Lithium battery, Communication Cable, Charger, Leather case, Software.
Software support Language English, Chinese and Spanish (Other language can be tailored)
Certificate CE, FCC, ROHS


Application area 

  1. Security guard touring on housing area (Property building)
  2. Telecommunications communication fiber and equipment regular check logging
  3. Electricity power supply line ,  voltage transformer regular patrol check data logging
  4. Hotel, buildings housekeeping logging
  5. Storage warehouse security patrol round control
  6. Security person patrol touring for Oil , coal mine , Chemical Equipment ,  petroleum pipeline and oil wells
  7. Hospitals nurse attendance for patient care data logging
  8. Production links monitoring on  factory workshop
  9. School security patrolman’s regular touring monitoring logging
  10. Policeman / army safety inspection circular data  logging
  11. Electronic guard tour system can be used in any area where there is with strict safety control and timebound request