Amano PR-600 Watchman’s Clock Guard System


AMANO Watchman’s Clock Guard Tour System PR-600 provides a clear, accurate registration of watchman’s patrol record ensures the protection of your property and facility.

Product Features

  • Restrict access to record tape and time by use of a master key
  • Documents each opening of a recorder by master key with “K” imprint on tape
  • Documents opening and closing of recorder with “O” imprint on tape
  • Allows Registration of each watchman’s ID prior to each patrol route
  • Requires no regular winding
  • Easy operation
  • Battery indicator light
  • 99 stations keys available
  • Self-contained dry cell battery provides months of maintenance-free operation
  • Designed for maximum protection against possible mishandling
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Lock box available to prevent loss of station keys

Comes with :

  • 1 x Master Key (K key)
  • 1 x PR-600 Paper Tape (10 Rolls/box)
  • 1 x belt
  • 4 x station key & box

Product Specifications

Model PR-600
Tape Length 12M/Roll, 2000 imprints
Dimensions 170 x 118 x 61mm
Weight 0.8kgs