Time Attendance and payroll software

  1. Attendance Management System ( Free ) – come with device, handle daily attendance record and simple calculation of the log.
  2. Time Management System – Special customise for use with more complex condition.
  3. Payroll System
  4. Leave Management System

Attendance Management System ( Free )

Description for each system software :

for Attendance Management System ( Free ) :

For Time Management System :



The module is a sophisticated time management system detailing your employees’ attendance integrating with various type of electronic time clock. Plus, it is embedded powerful condition builder feature which allows total flexibility in computation.

time-management-2 time-management-3


  • Able to track individual productive hours and also on the lost hours.
  • Accurate and powerful computation with flexible multiple user defined condition builders feature.
  • Reduce time and cost taken to compute monthly attendance allowances or deductions for payroll processing.
  • Consistent calculation methods based on policies set, eliminating adjustments and paper timesheets due to human discretions or prejudice.
  • Useful management real time exception reporting on attendance and lateness, useful tools for management to identify problems and take remedial actions.
  • Reduce the risk of costly payroll errors and provide useful management analysis on the allowances or incentives paid.


  • Unlimited Staff Record.
  • Multiple Companies.
  • Microsoft SQL Database.
  • Customized Reporting Of Employee’s Time, Effort , Activities And Funding Code Usage.
  • For Monitoring Attendance Activities Throughout The Month.
  • Detail Attendance Management Report.

For Payroll System

payroll-report payroll-his

This module represents a new generation of payroll processing with all standard government computation and human capital management solution providing an extremely flexible solution that can be linked to other modules.


  • Able to adapt to ever changing demands of payroll processing through the flexibility of the system’s payroll processing.
  • Users can extract out financial cost analysis information from the system.
  • Improve payroll accuracy and reduce payroll errors. Users can now spend less time reviewing data, fixing errors and re keying data.


  • Unlimited Staff Records.
  • Multiple Companies.
  • Microsoft SQL Database.
  • Manage Employee & Information Efficiently.
  • Define The Remuneration,Deductions,Leave etc.
  • Generate Pay-Slip At The Convenience Of A Mouse Click.
  • Statutory Calculation (Income Tax,EPF,SOCSO).
  • Online / Autopayment ( Maybank , Ambank , Cimb)

For Leave Management System

This module simplifies the management of employee’s leave management from entitlements to applications.


  • With a systematic system, HR can save time in managing the leave.
  • The automated workflow reduces paperwork and costs.
  • Total flexibility to employees to check updated and accurate information.


  • Unlimited Staff Records.
  • Multiple Companies.
  • Microsoft SQL Database.
  • Easily Apply For Leave Choosing The required Leave Type And Amount of Days.
  • Can manage Employee Leave With Easy And No Need To Write A Letter Or State A Reason.
  • View The Current Status Of Your Request And Easily Update Or Cancel Leave.
  • Main Characteristics Of The Leave System : Annual leave , Sick leave , Compensation (All leave will be recorded and deducted from the appropriate account by EDH ( Electronic Document Handling).