JWM WM-5000V5 Guard Tour System


WM-5000V5 system is an updating product on the basis of WM-5000V+; it is with POGO Pin connector instead of the normal USB port, which makes the device more guard proof and waterproof. With special waterproof pad and adhesive, the reader can work in the water without problem; furthermore, 60000 records can be stored before the next download of data.

WM-5000V5 works with RFID tags; with a simple non-contact swipe, the reader can read information from the tags, and then upload all the patrol records to the management software in a computer by a POGO Pin connecting cable; the information reports can demonstrate the guards’ patrolling



  • Military component
  • Silicon tank, metal body with rubber shell outside, super durable
  • IP67 standard
  • POGO pin connecting cable, high download speed
  • Non-contact reading of RFID tag
  • Completely water proof and guard proof
  • Sabotage absorbent, resistant to electrical shock
  • Super storage capacity 4Mb Flash, 60000 records
  • Power off protection
  • REG colorful LED display
  • Reading distance ≤ 5 cm
  • Real time internal clock

Technical Specification :
Dimensions : 144mm x 47mm x 30mm
Working Frequency 125 KHz
Operating Temperature : 4Mb Flash ROM
Storage Capacity : 60000 pieces of records
Battery : 3.7 V rechargeable battery, 800m Ah;
Signal Card Detection : Auto induction card-reading
Card Reading Distance : 3cm — -5cm
Communication : POGO pin connecting cable 57600 BPS, 4000 records per minute
Weight : 227g

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EM Signal card


Features :

Features :RFID tags are constructed to withstand intentional sabotages, which can be read from long distances(0-12cm) and operated in wide temperature ranges. They are also completely waterproof, and can be sealed inside non-metalic material walls; Button, circle, keyring, nail and cylinder-shaped cards used as guard tour checkpoints. These can be installed either on or beneath wall surfaces; Key chain-attachable type personnel / incident card used to identify patrol personnel or events and incidents. Its working frequency is 125KHz.

Technical Specification :
EM Signal card
Physical : Water-resistant ant, ASB plastic case
Shape Nail, button, circle, keyring and cylinder shape, etc.
Weight : About 2 g
Operating Temperature : -20° C to +50°C
Working Frequency : 125KHz
Battery : None
Data Storage : Unique 64-bit serial number (read-only)
Technical Specification :
Input Voltage : AC 110V-220V, 50-60 HZ
Output Voltage : 4.5V-14V, 300-500mA
Operating Standard : GB 4943-2001

Use POGO Pin connector as communication cable, which is according with DY/T1019, IEC61156, ANSI/EIA/TIA-568 standard.

Hardware quick start guide :

Features :

  1. The patrolling guard takes the reader and read his own Guard ID to identify himself with the system .
  2. Then the guards go to the checkpoints, the Reader will automatically read each RFID tag and no need touch it. When reading successfully, a flash of the blue indicator light accompanied by a “vibration” means that a reading has been made. The WM-5000V5 reader will store the signal card’s ID number and time for every station reading.
  3. After patrolling are done, use the USB cable to connect the computer and Reader directly and get a data analysis and management