Ensure your Time and Attendance Software remains usable and cost-effective with our end-user training created specifically to meet your needs to maintain usable and cost-effective with our end-user training strategy. Time & Attendance Software Training strategies are developed before installation to avoid training overrun.

Customer Support

At Time Recorder, our relationships with our clients don’t end with installation and training. We’re there to support you as long as you are using our products to ease your daily operations.

Project Manager

We take pride on offering a comprehensive project plan before, during, and after installation, to ensure your organization’s needs are always met.


Our team of project managers, software engineers, and hardware engineers takes care of installing the time and attendance system for you, freeing up time for your IT team and allowing them to focus on what’s really important: meeting organizational goals.


From helping your organization to determine its workforce management needs to implementing the Time & Attendance software, we have you covered.