Some user's fingerprint often can't be verified, how can such problem be solved?

A: The following situations can result in a terminal not being able to verify a fingerprint:

  1. Fingerprint was rubbed down;
  2. Too many crinkles on fingerprint;
  3. Serious desquamation of fingers.

If the user’s fingerprint is not able to be verified, please delete it then enroll it again, or use a different finger for enrollment instead. Select the best fingers to enroll (less crinkles, nodes quamation, etc.). When enrolling a user please make sure that the finger covers the biggest area it can on the sensor. Do a verification test right after enrollment. It is recommended to enroll more than one fingerprint per user.

What will cause a communication error between the software and the terminal?

A: Possible reasons:

  1. Wrong COM setting, COM port chosen is not the COM port actually used.
  2. Baud rate setting on computer COM portand fingerprint terminal is different.
  3. The fingerprint terminal is not connected to power or to the computer.
  4. Wrong terminal No. selected.
  5. The data cable or converter is faulty.
  6. Faulty COM port on computer.

Time is ”00:00” after I reboot my terminal, why?

A: The battery in the terminal may befaulty, please send back to your supplier for repairs.

Why the Device fails to connect with PC?

  1. Check if the data cable of the machine is correct;
  2. Check if the power line is working and start up the machine;
  3. Check if the communication mode and parameter are correct;
  4. If using the USB communication, check out whether the USB driver is set upor not;
  5. If none of the above reasons, please open and run the Check.exe under the Rims installation directory.

How can your company provide me with remote assistance?

Yes, we are happy to help you remotely. Please download the free TeamViewer remote support software . Install it and give permission for our support staff to access your computer, and we will gladly assist you in solving your problem.

How many finger can be use to register ?

Each staff can register for ten finger the most but we encourage to register 2 to 4 finger is enough to get the best result.

In case of a power failure, what happen to time attendance system?

We recommend our customer to have a backup battery system, and we also provide backup battery for customer if they need.